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Content performance measurement: Case Studies

Case study 1

Case Studies of Health Providers – Kenya

Website performance
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A complete report is tailor-made to capture the specific content asset’s creation objectives and show how the content has performed in achieving the goals. Complete case studies show many metrics including:

  • Traffic (Traffic sources, channels, e.t.c)
  • Conversions ( Events defined as conversions, leads, or qualified leads, e.t.c)
  • Engagement ( dwell times, bounce rates, event names over time, e.t.c)
  • Keywords ranking
  • Benchmarks – Internal, competition, and industry)

Our experts will discuss with you the details of your project and come up with an appropriate plan. Because measuring the performance of a website is meant to provide information gathered from the interaction of your users with the web page’s content, apps, and CRM data, proper event monitoring and tracking are required.

In case your website is not configured to track events, we shall assist you in correctly implementing the pre-requisite configurations. Talk to an expert today.