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Our Story

Vetted-content was born out of difficulties we encountered while searching for a reliable source of high-quality content that could meet high-quality standards of content about sensitive and high-risk subjects.

Such subjects are highly regulated and must have a high level of expert consensus, be factually correct, and be presented clearly and authoritatively.

From the design of websites and the creation of trustworthy content of the web pages to the management of the overall content strategy, we set out on a mission to enable businesses to identify and exploit growth opportunities.

On this mission, our founders set out to reach small and otherwise unknown enterprises in the health and educational sectors around Nairobi City. We have reached over 200 businesses to date, and are still growing.

From a small team of two people, we have grown to eight persons and a large pool of freelancers who assist our operations on per per-need basis.

We are passionate about creating the right digital identity and content for our clients. To this end, we rely solely on verifiable data about the client, their audiences, and the competitive landscape. As our trademark approach, our activities start from exhaustive buyer persona research. Every effort is made to leave nothing to chance or guesswork when it comes to the client’s audience needs.

Our Values

We believe in honesty, integrity, and humanity and recognize that businesses need to be profitable and prosperous but we do not make the profit motive our main pursuit. 

Our business is driven by the desire to help brands realize their full potential and realize that we are as strong as our clients, partners, and employees.